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Burglar Alarm Installer Service Manchester


When it comes to safety for our family, we are ready to do everything in our power to protect them, keep them away from any harm and make sure they are always safe and secure. To all of us, family is our greatest asset and one that we would cherish forever, no matter what. Most households consider burglar alarm systems to be an important part of their home’s security measures.

Being in the home security business, over the years, we have understood that when it comes to protecting one’s home and family, one doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned.

An intruder alarm systemconsists of control equipment and sensors that activate an audible siren in case of a break in.The alarm system can be configured to contact you by phone, text or smart phone App. It can be connected to our 24/7/365 alarm monitoring facility, where a person will call key holders or the Police Service, in the event of an alarm activation.

Owing to technological advancements, wireless alarm systems are reliable, flexible, cost effective and scalable. If you move house you can take your wireless system with you! Wireless systems mean there are no wires running through your house so your décor is not affected. A key feature of our wireless systems, is being able to set and unset the alarm using key fobs or remotely using smart phone Apps. Cameras within sensors can be used to detect and send images to your smart phone of the intrusion taking place.

Our burglar alarm systems can be installed with pet friendly sensors to allow pets to move around your homewhen the alarm is set.

Our high standards have allowed us to be regulated by the SSAIB. We provide our services and work to appropriate standards and codes of conduct. We have the expertise in the relevant areas (e.g. system design, installation, commissioning or maintenance), our employees are competent, as demonstrated with relevant experience, and they are equipped with the necessary tools and instruments to do their work effectively.Systemdesigns are appropriate to the nature of the risk identified; complaint with relevant legislation (including Human Rights Act and Data Protection requirements as appropriate) and satisfy the agreed operational requirements.
Under the SSAIB scheme we must:
• Install and maintain equipment in accordance with the relevant European Standards and/or SSAIB Codes of Practice.
• Have appropriate management systems and procedures in place.
• Have relevant personnel security screened.
• Have appropriate insurance cover.
• Have suitable premises, equipment and vehicles.
• Have trained staff and implement training procedures.
• Have sufficient systems installed and/or maintained to allow a trading history to be demonstrated.
• Provide service and repair cover.

At 3P protection, we focus on finding the right solution that caters to all the needs and attention your home wants in terms of safety. It is only after proper assessment that we provide you with a home alarm system that caters to your requirements. We are in business to protects what matters; People, Property and Possessions.

Choose 3P Protection to protect your home and sleep better at night knowing your loved ones are safe.



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