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CCTV Offer

The increase in criminal damage, theft and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the installation of CCTV security systems in the UK and they are now part of our daily lives. Whilst acting as a deterrent, CCTV security systems are also an excellent monitoring tool and powerful ally in helping bring criminals to justice. They give peace of mind to homeowners especially when one has to stay alone for regular periods of intervals, or young families who have children needing supervision, or an ailing parent who needs to be constantly given care and monitoring.

it’s all about camera location. A successful CCTV installation is achieved through good on site planning. We take time when quoting to visit your property, assess, in detail, the building layout, construction, hazards and most importantly the position of the cameras. You can select the the best system available but you must select the right camera location or your results will be compromised. Once camera positions and cable runs are agreed we complete a detailed installation drawing for engineers to install the system. In addition, before we installing a CCTV system, sales and installation staff review works and talk to the customer to make sure installation is right first time.

As with our Burglar alarm installations. Customers who have had CCTV installed by us have written testimonials and provided recommendations to family, work colleagues and friends. We always aim to demonstrate that our installation and service quality are at the highest level. Regular CCTV installation training and customer satisfaction training courses ensure our engineers are prepared to carry out installation on any property, at any time and in most weathers, with the utmost safety practices in place.

We offer a Wide range of services available to not just customers whom have had CCTVinstalled by us but we are here for anyone who feels let down by their existing supplier, we are happy to take over the maintenance of any CCTV system. We can also offer takeover of the monitoring if you don’t feel your existing company is fulfilling their agreement.

We can supply and install whatever level of security you would like. From the basic security set up to the top of the range CCTV packages, no matter what size the project is, we treat all projects with the same attention to detail. Whether you are looking for CCTV installation for your office or your residential property, at 3P Protection we can help you to have total security with your new CCTV. We offer CCTV installations that are designed to give you complete peace of mind that your property is completely safe.

With qualified technicians and engineers, and a great many years of experience in CCTV installation, we can safely assure of a hassle free, easy and uncomplicated installation process that is cost effective and aims to delight the customer.


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