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CCTV System Installation Manchester


Expensive CCTV systems are typically seen in shops, pubs, parking areas and other public places but with the advancement in technology and a surge in home owner demand, CCTV equipment has become more affordable. UK burglary statistics show that the average loss per household is rising fast and is now above £800 per burglary. Jewellery, cash and technology feature high on items stolen, but rising fast is the number of cars keys and cars taken from driveways, roads and streets.

Catching criminals is never easy, but the Police have a far better chance of prosecution when CCTV footage identifies the criminal. Nuisance neighbour investigations, protecting children and the elderly feature high on the reasons to choose CCTV.

Using SMART PHONE APPs, live and recorded video can be viewed anywhere at anytime! CCTV installation in homes is not just a security measure, an intruder deterrent and possible intrusion of your property by burglars, but more.

More of our customersare requesting CCTV installation to protect and keep their childrensafe. HavingCCTV cameras in different locations of the home, one can keep an eye on the children and see that they do not go out, don’t come to any harm and have more freedom to play in the home garden. The result is that the children are delighted that they can play outside without the need of any adult supervision and the parents are reassured of their safety against any accidents or intruders.

A CCTV also works best when one has anelderly relative or friend at home, who need constant supervision and care by the caregivers. Not only are the family members able to continuously monitorloved ones, but they can also go about their daily activities knowing they are only a touch of a button away from watching live video.

In recent years CCTV equipment has become popular and more affordable. It’s just one line of defense against crime and works best when combined with other measures, such as a burglar alarm, door and window locks, gravel around your property and security lights.



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